About eviCore: Bringing a new message to the market

Specifically designed with the size and scale to address the complexity of today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare system, eviCore is a company committed to advancing medical benefits management – and enabling better outcomes for patients, providers, and plans.

Ours is an evidence-based approach that leverages our exceptional capabilities, powerful analytics, and an acute sensitivity to the challenges and needs of everyone involved across the healthcare spectrum. Applying proven talent and leading-edge technology, we harness healthcare’s evolving demand and inherent change to realize and deliver improved results for everyone.

We’re not just moved by our mission, we’re genuinely animated! Watch the eviCore brand video here.


Our History: Evolving Excellence

eviCore has its roots firmly in the advancement of medical benefits management. The two companies from which we were formed, CareCore and MedSolutions, each contributed considerably to the evolution of this critical area of the healthcare system, from the early 1990s on – as the development timeline shows.

Today, we are a national leader in integrated, innovative medical benefits management solutions for managed care and risk-bearing providers, delivering custom, calibrated strategies and services that reduce and control costs, and enable our clients to ensure higher quality, evidence-based care for patients.​​​​​​


Sharing A Vision

In the creation of eviCore, two companies didn’t just become one. They also committed to one goal: better outcomes. Unifying the complementary talent, technologies, and tactical acumen of CareCore and MedSolutions means we can “connect all the dots” to establish clearer care paths for each and every one of the more than 100 million lives we manage.

This collective vision strongly positions eviCore to make a lasting, positive impact on today’s health system – and t​omorrow’s – by enabling more informed decision-making, more focused actions, and more improved results all around. In short, medical benefits management solutions that benefit everyone.
client services 100M+ lives managed 3K+ employees nationwide 20+ years of experience patient, provider, and plan analytics accredited by both URAC and NCQA quality improvement programs patient centric customizable program options 9 integrated solutions targeted interventions establishing better outcomes flexible platform provider collaboration flexible pricing models 12M claims processed annually

Our Executive Team: Leading from the front

eviCore is guided by a leadership team united in a single-minded, clear-eyed perspective: committed to transforming this category through better outcomes and extending our portfolio of integrated medical benefits management solutions, services, and products.