Our Champions

eviCore's philosophy on promotion is all about merit and mobility. Both of our constituent companies brought a heritage of promoting from within, and that remains a key part of our mindset and operation. Here are just a few of many success stories.

David Diaz

Non-Clinical Contact Center

Aaron & Erin Markham

Non-Clinical Contact Center

Leah McCall

Proposal Analyst

Mary Beth Reed

Vice President
Strategic Client Development

Life With Us

What does a typical day look like at eviCore? The answer is that it looks a little different for everyone. Learn more about the people who work every day towards the improvement of healthcare.

From Campus Life to Office Life - Transforming not only Healthcare, but Interns into Full-Time Employees

What brings eviCore interns back to join the team full-time and what advice would they give to future candidates and interns? We sat down with three Business Operations Interns converted to full-time hires to discover firsthand.

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