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eviCore intelliPathSM electronic prior authorization (intelliPath ePA) is an eviCore initiative to simplify prior authorization and remove barriers to evidence-based care. It is provided as a free service for eviCore-managed case volume.

eviCore intelliPath ePA is deployed by provider organizations to automate and simplify submitting and tracking requests for prior authorization. eviCore intelliPath ePA streamlines operations within a single easy-to-use application that integrates with major electronic health record (EHR) vendors. Provider costs are reduced and decisions are communicated in real time, reducing delays.

Administrative Cost Savings

eviCore’s medical benefits management solutions are proven to reduce unnecessary–and potentially harmful–tests and procedures. But securing prior authorization can impose a high burden on provider organizations; for example, dedicated administrative staff are hired to request and track cases, and clinicians typically must allocate time to provide details on the patient’s medical diagnosis.

In place of implementing an abundance of tools, multiple health plan portals, and time-consuming manual interactions, eviCore intelliPath ePA simplifies and streamlines prior authorization operations with a single, integrated application. eviCore intelliPath ePA leverages the substantial investment in EHRs on the part of provider networks. It automatically incorporates case details from the patient’s chart and fits seamlessly into clinical and revenue cycle workflows.

Clinical Efficiency

Further, eviCore intelliPath ePA integrates with eviCore’s utilization management system (and those of other UM providers). This speeds communication of critical information (e.g., automated approval, no prior authorization required, or additional clinical information is needed for a decision to be made). With the approval or denial in hand, patients can be scheduled or alternative tests or procedures ordered in a timely fashion.

Benefits for Patients, Providers, and Health Plans

  • Lower costs for healthcare-delivery organizations
  • Reduced frustration and more transparency for patients and clinicians
  • Better network relationships for health plans


How do we get started?

Healthcare providers that are interested in deploying eviCore's intelliPath ePA, learning if your health system is connected, or viewing a demonstration of the software, should contact .

Health plan client who would like to offer eviCore intelliPath ePA to their provider networks should connect with their Client Relationship Executive or Clients Services team.

Which EHRs does eviCore’s intelliPath ePA support?

Supported EHRs include:

  • athenaClinicals®
  • Allscripts TouchWorks®
  • Cerner®
  • Epic®
We already use the eviCore portal. Why would I switch to eviCore intelliPath ePA?

eviCore intelliPath ePA is a single application that can be used for any plan or procedure, so it simplifies your prior authorization workflow by eliminating the need to visit different portals for the variety of plans and prior authorization programs your practice needs to access. Further, eviCore intelliPath ePA integrates into health system EHRs. This means that prior authorization requests are automatically triggered from either an Order or Schedule activity, and case information is automatically populated from data in the patient’s record, reducing the time required for manual data entry and helping to avoid errors.

Why is eviCore providing eviCore intelliPath ePA free of charge for eviCore-managed lives?
We are committed to lowering the barrier to evidence-based care by reducing the burden of prior authorization. eviCore intelliPath ePA is one important aspect of how we are delivering on that commitment.