How does eviCore interact with providers?

With more than 25 years of experience in utilization management, eviCore understands that maintaining a supportive provider experience requires more than supplying a few training sessions and establishing a phone line for questions. We recognize that providers today navigate a complicated healthcare system while trying to make the best medical decisions for their patients. In addition, they can become overwhelmed with administrative burden. eviCore’s approach to supporting the optimal provider experience is dynamic and proactive. We offer ongoing provider touchpoints, including a team dedicated to on-site visits, surveys, and tracking and receiving feedback from both providers and our clients. We also provide helpful resources on how to navigate the prior authorization process, including provider playbooks, and tips on how to avoid a peer-to-peer phone call. Based on the feedback we receive, we continuously strive to improve our operational efficiencies through ongoing web enhancements and development of innovative support measures for our providers.

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