What types of services are managed under your sleep solution?

Currently, eviCore maintains clinical criteria for the following sleep procedures, PAP devices, and PAP supplies:

  • Facility-Based Polysomnography for adults (95807, 95808, 95810) and children (95782)
  • Split Night Studies (95811)
  • Facility-Based Titration for adults (95811) and children (95783)
  • Home Sleep Testing (95800, 95801, 95806, G0398, G0399, G0400)
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Testing (95805)
  • CPAP and APAP Devices (E0601)
  • Bilevel PAP Devices (E0470, E0471)
  • PAP Therapy Masks and Supplies (A7027 thru A7046, A4604)
  • PAP Therapy Humidifiers (E0561, E0562)
  • PAP Therapy Compliance
  • Oral Appliances (E0485, E0486, S8262)

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