What is an online clinical consultation?

Clinical consultations may also be called a peer to peer. Many consultations occur when a case is pending a denial and a conversation between one of the eviCore medical directors and the requesting provider is needed to clarify the details of a case. eviCore now has the option for requesting providers to schedule an online clinical consultation using the link below https://www.evicore.com/provider/request-a-clinical-consultation. For more information on how to schedule an online consultation, you can access our clinical consultation guide here.

Please Note: At this time, clinical consultation requests initiated online at www.evicore.com will be routed to an eviCore agent to determine internal availability before the consultation is confirmed as scheduled. If we are able to confirm availability within the window of time you identified as preferred availability, we will contact you via email to confirm the exact date, start time and duration of the scheduled appointment. Most appointments will be 15 minutes in length. Please check your Junk Mail for this confirmation and accept Webp2psolutions@evicore.com as a valid sender to ensure you continue to receive these messages.

Please also know that eviCore availability might be more limited for more specialized services or patient conditions. Additionally, some clinical consultations do not have the potential to yield an overturn, and an appeal or other formal process might be needed if an overturn is being sought. As such, if we are not able to schedule within the preferred window of time you requested, or if the requested case is not eligible for overturn via P2P, we may notify you via email with additional instruction or contact you telephonically to determine additional availability.

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