Jun 30th 2022

A Wholehearted Approach To Cardiology Care

June is Men's Health Month across the nation—and Cardiology care is at the heart of the matter. That's because heart disease is the leading cause of death among men, responsible for one in four deaths of males in the United States alone. 

The cost of Cardiology disease goes beyond mortality and human suffering. Heart disease costs the United States more than $363 billion annually.

Not all of the Cardiology healthcare spending, however, is effective. In a recently released scientific statement the American Heart Association notes that low-value Cardiology care accounts for as much as 30 percent of this healthcare cost, meaning that over $100 billion is spent annually on care that does not improve the patient’s Cardiology health.

eviCore's Cardiology solution helps ensure that health plan members receive the appropriate test or treatment at the appropriate time, delivering cost savings and improved patient outcomes.

How we help improve heart healthcare

Our Cardiology solution offers clinical decision support and educational resources for providers, along with a robust analytics platform that meets health plans' data management needs. 

Enabling better clinical decisions:

Our utilization management processes work to help improve clinical decisions, which leads to an overall reduction in costs. Medical necessity reviews are built on a foundation of evidence-based clinical guidelines derived from major national and international association and society guidance and criteria, focusing on the patient and the condition rather than on the procedure being requested. 

Enhancing the provider experience:

We work closely with providers to deliver a fast, efficient, and collaborative prior authorization process. We strongly encourage use of our digital and automated provider resources to help navigate the prior authorization process, and our provider's hub offers training and educational resources to maintain a supportive provider experience. We closely track and review provider feedback and incorporate it in our ongoing efforts to improve the process.

Improving care with data:

Effective data management is key to eliminating waste and abuse. eviCore's proprietary analytics highlight areas of overutilization and unnecessary health plan spending. Decision makers can use eviCore's analytics capabilities―drawn from one of the largest patient databases in the industry―to further examine Cardiology and other medical requests and to take advantage of add-on programs that can be integrated with the Cardiology solution.

Cardiology health is an important topic during Men's Health Month, and a chief concern in the healthcare industry year-round. 

Learn more about eviCore's Cardiology solution for health plans and find out how it can help providers and patients identify the most appropriate testing and treatment options to ensure patient safety and maximize value.