eviCore healthcare: Leading You Towards Better Healthcare

By combining the best of talent and technology, we deploy an evidence-based, patient-centric specialty benefits management approach that yields genuinely customized Intelligent Care Management solutions for our clients, offering the right procedure, at the right place, at the right time.

With more than one thousand doctors and nurses in our ranks, we have the healthcare management expertise to understand and address the challenges of all of our clients and constituents. Supporting these unique insights is our robust, flexible platform that identifies and distributes the precise data and analytics needed for informed, individual-based decision making across the 100 million lives we manage.

Together, these intelligent care management capabilities drive the provision of the right answers at the right time to the right people. We are realizing our mission of aligning and maximizing quality, cost savings, and operational efficiency – for everyone.


Better to the Power of Three

  • Cut Costs, Clarify the Care Path

    We offer multiple funding models (including capitated risk and shared savings) to suit every client’s need in addition to data-driven insights that improve decisions, net spend, and patient care.

  • Experience Equals Exactitude

    We have more than 20 years in healthcare management, serving customers who care for a few hundred clients, to those who have tens of thousands. We manage more than a 100 million members nationwide, for every case, every time.

  • Scalable Tech, Sharper Insights

    We offer a strong platform, flexible options, and a simplified process for each client – meaning more dynamic workflow, clearer evidence-based choices, more empowered actions, and better patient care.