Provider: Overview

eviCore is committed to supporting the provision of healthcare in a value-based world, where the objectives of both payers and providers are aligned with the goal of high-quality care at affordable costs. With over 20 years of experience developing evidence-based care pathways, we are uniquely suited to help both risk- and non-risk bearing provider organizations transition to new models of care. In addition to supporting more than 500,000 providers with evidence-based guidance, eviCore has merged state of the art technology into our Provider Solutions portfolio for clinical decision support, care coordination, and quality reporting.

These solutions, help providers make the best decisions with respect to diagnostic testing and follow-on care, while lowering the administrative burden of prior authorization and quality reporting.


eviCore Clinical Decision Support (CDS) for Imaging

Our Clinical Decision Support (CDS) system is a next-generation solution available to providers today. From an easy-to-use interface integrated with the EHR/CPOE workflow, the physician engages decision support at the point of order, so the correct patient test − regardless of the site of service (inpatient, outpatient or emergency setting) − is determined in real time. The system assessments include, where appropriate, alternative recommendations (e.g., redirection to a better test) that assist the user in selecting the best test first, thereby lowering the number of cases that may need to be elevated for clinical consultation. By helping to minimize inappropriate or unnecessary patient tests, our CDS system reduces costs and improves patient quality of care. In addition, the system can be fully integrated into the provider’s electronic medical record system(s), and can also be provided as a free-standing access portal. eviCore CDS (formerly HealthFortis CDS) is CMS-certified to meet the 2019 mandate for CDS for outpatient imaging, featuring Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) available through Provider Led Entity (PLE) and eviCore partner Medical Guidelines Institute.​ Read more about this here: CMS Fully Qualifies eviCore's Clinical Decision Support Mechanism

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Quality and Clinical Data Registry Reporting

QPID Health, an eviCore healthcare company, helps hospitals and medical groups achieve their quality goals with software that generates actionable information from electronic health records. We’ve built applications that streamline quality reporting and automate clinical data registry case form preparation, to lower the cost and increase the thoroughness of reporting. Using advanced natural language processing (NLP) and clinical logic QPID locates and synthesizes patient facts from medical records, including the 80% of information found in free-form notes and documents – information that is critical to proof of compliance with quality measures. With QPID Health handling the data abstraction through software, providers can focus on quality improvement, not just reporting.

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