Radiation Therapy: Overview

eviCore’s Radiation Therapy solution aligns treatment delivery for patients with cancerous and non-cancerous diagnoses with clinically approved, evidence-based pathways. It approaches the use of radiation therapy by addressing the appropriateness of the technology, treatment plan goals, nationally recognized standards of care, and associated billing of radiation services.


Everyone benefits through better outcomes

  • Plans

    Our Radiation Therapy solution focuses on a reduction in cost through post-service pre-payment claim review.

  • Providers

    Our Radiation Therapy solution reduces the administrative time required to input a clinical case that results in automatic prior authorization – no need to utilize two separate systems. Providers also have the opportunity to discuss treatment plans or evidence-based criteria with one of our board-certified radiation oncologists.

  • Patients

    Our Radiation Therapy solution ensures that patients receive the clinically most effective, least toxic, and most optimal radiation oncology treatment for their cancer based on the highest level of clinical evidence.


Criteria & Easy Approval Process: Leading To Better Decisions

Nurse Review MD Review Peer to Peer Clinical Decision Support Appropriate Decision Web Phone Methods of Intake REAL-TIME DECISION