About eviCore and eviCore's Executive Team

About eviCore

ABOUT EVICORE: Empowering the Improvement of Care

Specifically designed with the size and scale to address the complexity of today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare system, eviCore is a company committed to advancing healthcare management through intelligent care – and enabling better outcomes for patients, providers, and health plans.

Ours is an evidence-based approach that leverages our exceptional capabilities, powerful analytics, and acute sensitivity to the challenges and needs of everyone involved across the healthcare continuum. By applying proven talent and leading-edge technology, we harness healthcare’s evolving demand and inherent change to realize healthcare innovation and deliver improved results and a positive experience for everyone.

Who We Empower

eviCore empowers the improvement of care by connecting patients, providers, and health plans with intelligent, evidence-based solutions to enable better outcomes.


eviCore empowers the improvement of care for patients by promoting appropriate, evidence-based decision making and quality measurement. We help strengthen the patients/provider relationship and help educate patients and providers.


eviCore empowers the improvement of care for providers by facilitating evidence-based decision making and quality reporting while reducing administrative burdens and costs. We promote transparent, shared decision making and ongoing education for new products and standards in the marketplace.

Health Plans

eviCore empowers the improvement of care for health plans by delivering proven, diversified medical benefits management solutions that improve the quality of care for their members while reducing waste and abuse.  Our proprietary analytics highlight areas of over-utilization and unnecessary spend, as well as pinpoint areas of the greatest opportunity to improve care and increase savings.