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Recognizing the Caregiver in the Room
Jul 26, 2018Blog Post

Behind nearly every patient is a family caregiver. Today, an estimated 43.5 million Americans provide unpaid care to an adult or child1—from bill paying and grocery shopping, to managing and administering complex medication.

Provider Playbook Series: MRI of the Lumbar Spine without Contrast
Jul 24, 2018Blog Post

Like you, eviCore wants to make sure your patients get the right test, treatment, or procedure for their needs–while preventing inappropriate care and its potential dangers and unnecessary costs. That’s why we’re creating our Provider Playbook series of topical one-pag...

A Sleep Apnea (OSA) Primer
Jul 12, 2018Blog Post

​During the last 40 years, medical professionals have come to recognize that getting a good night's sleep is critical to maintaining overall health and wellness. In fact, studies have found that sleep disorders contribute significantly to the incidence of high blood press...

Saving the Cost of Care from “Incidentalomas"
Jun 21, 2018Blog Post

When seeking care for your health, hearing the word “no" can be a frustrating and frankly scary experience. More often than not, we want to take the “better safe than sorry" approach to our healthcare, trying everything and anything that our doctors suggest might help wit...

Nurses - Our “Most Trusted” Profession
May 11, 2018Blog Post

Nurses are often called the "frontlines of medicine" by those in the healthcare system. We completely agree, and would even suggest that they are the heart whose steady beat keeps the whole being of the healthcare world alive.

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Express Scripts Subsidiary Expands Services to Healthcare Providers, Adding 100 ...
Jul 18, 2018Press Release

eviCore healthcare, a subsidiary of Express Scripts Holding Company (NASDAQ: ESRX), is adding 100 jobs in St. Louis as part of expanding its services to healthcare providers.

Express Scripts Closes Acquisition of eviCore; Companies Unite to Improve Health...
Dec 15, 2017Press Release

Express Scripts Holding Company (NASDAQ: ESRX) today announced that it has completed the acquisition of privately held eviCore healthcare, the industry leader in evidence-based medical benefit management services, for $3.6 billion. Beginning today, eviCore contributes to ...

Express Scripts to Acquire eviCore healthcare; Accelerates Company’s Shift to Pa...
Oct 10, 2017Press Release

ST. LOUIS, MO and BLUFFTON, SC (October 10, 2017) -- Express Scripts Holding Company (NASDAQ: ESRX) today announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire privately-held eviCore healthcare, the industry leader in evidence-based medical benefit management services, fo...

CMS Fully Qualifies eviCore’s Clinical Decision Support Mechanism
Jul 27, 2017Press Release

Tool Incorporates Appropriate Use Criteria from CMS-Approved Provider-Led Entity Medical Guidelines Institute

Study: First-of-its-Kind Online Chemotherapy Approval Protocol Accelerates Cance...
Oct 20, 2016Press Release

Journal of Oncology Practice publishes results of a UnitedHealthcare pilot that expedited treatment approvals, increased coverage approval rates and lowered treatment costs.

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Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference
August 13th - 16thPortland, OR

eviCore is attending the annual Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference (formerly known as the MMIS Conference) which brings together thought leaders from the public and private sectors to share ideas and information related to Medicaid systems and initiatives.

National Association of Medicaid Directors Conference
November 12th - 14thWashington, DC

eviCore is attending the annual NAMD conference that involves participants from across the Medicaid world. This Conference is an important venue to share state best practices and innovations to a range of stakeholders.