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May 16th 2024

Evidence-Based Care for Peripheral Vascular Intervention

Identifying unnecessary peripheral vascular interventions and understanding their impact

It’s a scary fact: 50% of peripheral vascular interventions don’t meet evidence-based guidelines.* And these unnecessary, invasive interventions not only come with serious risks, including major amputation and even death, but they often don’t actually improve patient health outcomes or quality of life. 

To make matters worse, the treatment of peripheral vascular disease (PVD) is estimated to cost six times more than other medical conditions, which means unnecessary and high costs for patients and health plans alike.**

So, what’s driving this overtreatment and how can we work together to help protect patients from the associated risks and costs? The following report delves deeper into the issue and details the evidence-based, symptom-specific treatment approach that can help patients successfully manage their disease without unnecessary surgical interventions.

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Peripheral Vascular Intervention