From Campus Life to Office Life - Transforming not only Healthcare, but Interns into Full-Time Employees

Where you begin your career can have a big impact on your future. In the Operations Department at eviCore, our interns are empowered to experience all sides of the business. They’re also encouraged to apply their own ideas when responding to various real-life scenarios during mentoring exercises. We recognize the value their innovative skillsets and fresh perspectives can bring to our solutions, so we strive to grow these relationships to transform not only healthcare—but our interns into full-time employees.

So what brings EviCore interns back to join the team full-time and what advice would they give to future candidates and interns? We sat down with three Business Operations Interns converted to full-time hires to discover firsthand.

Hunter Meacham PhotoInterview with Hunter Meacham, Senior Business Analyst

What was your internship and what did you like best about the experience?

Hunter: I started out as a Business Operation Intern on the Operations team and was tasked mainly with generating an enterprise-wide grid featuring all EviCore clients and key information about them from the business perspective.

I really enjoyed the challenge of my internship. At most operations divisions, you constantly have to jump from project to project without skipping a beat, but also stay within timelines and criteria. An Ops intern at EviCore is no different, except you’re still processing the learning curve—but the team is there to help you every step of the way. Not very many internships offer that type of environment, so even if an intern doesn’t stay with EviCore, it’s still a great learning experience.


Emily Engle PhotoInterview with Emily Engle, Business Analyst- Client Operations

What inspired you to accept a position with EviCore as a full-time employee?

Emily: The overall atmosphere and my internship experience itself on the Operations team are really what drove me to accept my current position as a Business Analyst. With a ‘work hard, play hard’ energy, the environment recognizes each individual’s skills and talents, and encourages you to grow as a person outside of work too. The office is there to take care of you-whether it be through company paid fitness classes, free lunches, milestone celebrations, hurricane support, fundraising, or other community events.

After my summer experience, I realized my passion for the industry and where the future of healthcare was headed. I wanted to play a part in making healthcare more affordable and customizable for each patient. The way EviCore supported me as an intern was just a glimpse as to how rewarding it is to be a full-time employee.


Liz Bannantine photoInterview with Elizabeth Bannantine, Implementations Business Architect

What advice would you give to candidates looking to join EviCore in the future?

Elizabeth: I would say that it is a really great place to start a career and it’s unique in the way it encourages you to branch out and follow different career paths. Merit and mobility are huge components of our culture. Even as an intern, I felt as though it would be an environment where I could really thrive and grow in a full time career. This has really come to fruition for me in my position on the Implementations Team as a Business Architect.

I was a history major and you’ll quickly learn that any position you take will require a certain learning curve. You’ll gain development not only in the healthcare realm, but also in building a foundation for a career and learning valuable and transferrable skills. Be open to new opportunities and taking risks. You’ll only grow more with each one.