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Serving as a Volunteer Community Service Champion: Giving Back to the Boy Scouts of America

Serving as a Volunteer Community Service Champion: Giving Back to the Boy Scouts of America

At EviCore, it’s our goal to empower the improvement of healthcare as well as our communities. We offer Volunteer Community Service Days for our employees, so they can take company-supported time out of their workweek to help causes that mean the most to them.

We’d like to introduce you to Alexander Zalewski, an EviCore Clinical Reviewer and Volunteer Community Service (VCS) Champion, who goes above and beyond to give back to his town Colorado Springs, Colorado when working with the Boy Scouts of America. Alexander has been with EviCore for 7 years and has participated in the VCS program for 5 years since its inception in 2015.

Why does Alexander volunteer, and what does he have to say about giving back? Here’s what he has to say in his own words…

Alexander Zalewski: I believe “giving back” is a fundamental component of growing a healthy culture. I’ve been using my VCS time exclusively for Scout activities in the Colorado Springs area, such as troop outings, camping, summer events, and workshops, as well as road trips around the country. I started in the Boy Scouts of America as a Cub Scout in 1963, and received my Eagle Scout rank (the highest rank) in 1971. I’ve been an active leader since 1972. Over the course of that time I’ve been a Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster. Through this program, we’ve had the opportunity to positively impact many youth by building character, instilling leadership skills, and preparing them to reach the Eagle Scout award.

For example, I was recently asked by a man on Facebook if I was a Scoutmaster in the Philippines from 1982-84. When I confirmed, he responded that he was a member of my troop and wanted to let me know that I had driven him to make his Eagle rank, and that had motivated his son to achieve his Eagle rank also, which only 4% of participants accomplish.

Another instance where I felt I was able to give back through Boy Scouts of America is when I participated in the 2017 National Jamboree Troop from the Pikes Peak Council. I was one of 6 adult leaders accompanying 44 youth to the National Jamboree at the Bechtel Reserve campsite, in South Carolina. We went on a 10-day tour visiting Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Baltimore (lowering the Flag at Ft McHenry), and  Washington, DC, before attending the actual Jamboree, which was an additional 10 days. There we set up our campsite with 35,000 Scouts from around the country, along with a few International Scout Troops. The highlight visitor to this event was President Trump.

I also remember attending the 1969 National Jamboree when I was a Scout, where I had the remarkable opportunity to be addressed by Buzz Aldrin and Eagle Scout Neil Armstrong on their trip to the moon. I remember soon after watching the Lunar Landing on TV, and I can attest that was an extremely memorable event that has made an impact on the person I am today.

This is what every Scout leader volunteers for, making a lasting, positive impression on the future of his Scouts by arming them with the skills they need to achieve the Eagle Scout award. Even if they don’t make that goal, they still have had the exposure to improve their character and better prepare them for life.

Now, I’m looking forward to the new Scouts BSA program, where we will be expanding the program to include girls and allowing them to attain the Eagle Rank also. As Baden Powell said back in 1910, we are teaching character and citizenship that will benefit all youth–both boys and girls.

A heartfelt thanks to EviCore for allowing me to participate in the Volunteer Community Service program. This is a great opportunity that has empowered me to give back to the Boy Scouts of America, the organization that means the most to me.