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What are some facts about back pain

  • Nearly one-third of all adults have low back pain and 14.2% of them reported an average of 7.6 lost work days per year.
  • Almost 80% of adults experience at least one episode of low back pain during their lifetime.
  • Lying down longer than 2 days doesn't help.
  • Many people recover just as quickly without any bed rest.
  • The sooner you start physical therapy or chiropractic services, or return to activities such as walking, the faster you are likely to recover.
  • Direct medical costs for spine conditions has increased more than 60% since 1998.
  • Low back pain risk factors include: age (>30 years old), obesity, cigarette smoking, no regular exercise, and heredity.
  • There is little correlation between general arthritis and low back pain.

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