Oct 29th 2021

Ask eviCore: Real-time Case Status Updates Available via e-Notification

I’m Mark Tate, and thank you for reading the latest edition of Ask eviCore.


eviCore’s Provider Experience team is focused on creating a prior authorization process that’s faster, more efficient, and more collaborative. We’re also focused on providing an experience that is continuously improving. We want to be your supportive partner in providing medically appropriate care to your patients.


One of the ways we provide updates about our process and improvements is through the Ask eviCore column. This month, we’re sharing updates about a new enhancement to our web portal. Our team is proud to announce that the e-notification feature now allows a portal user to opt-in to receive e-notification—real-time updates—about the status of their prior authorization case. This enhancement proactively alerts the web user as the case progresses throughout the review process. After you choose the e-notification option, you will receive notifications for every prior authorization case submitted.


Providers can opt-in to receive these notifications through the button in the portal during the case build process. Here are specific screenshots showing you how to opt-in to the new e-notification feature.


For MedSolutions users (available after logging into www.eviCore.com):



For CareCore National web users (available after logging into www.eviCore.com):


We’ve also recently announced two additional enhancements to the online portal. You can schedule your own peer-to-peer consultations through the portal, and for the CareCore National portal, you can also initiate a reconsideration review on the web. Learn more about these enhancements by visiting our recent article, Ask eviCore: Two New Enhancements Available Online - Peer-to-Peer Scheduling & Reconsideration on the Web.

Before closing, I’d like to share an update with our readers. I’m taking on a different set of responsibilities, and this is my last edition as the author of Ask eviCore. However, this feature will continue to be regularly published with the Provider Experience team answering your questions and sharing updates about eviCore’s process. 

As always, if you have a question or topic you’d like featured in Ask eviCore, an idea for a new web enhancement, or feedback about how we can improve our prior authorization process, let us know! Email your ideas to Jackie Jenkins, the National Provider Advocate on eviCore’s Provider Experience team, at providernewsletter@evicore.com.


Thank you for reading, and I wish you good health!

Mark Tate
Master of Physical Therapy
Vice President, eviCore Provider Experience