Apr 18th 2019

Ask eviCore: Web Authorizations

Hello, and welcome to another installment of our Ask eviCore series. Last month, we launched the new eviCore.com website with the goal of making our interactions with providers faster, easier, and more collaborative. For example, did you know that submitting a prior authorization request online for web authorization takes an average of 3 minutes, compared to a phone request, which takes an average of 12 minutes?

With the new website launch, we received a few questions about submitting cases using our online provider portal. We also have a brand new support page on our website that houses the answers to many other similar questions that you may have. Beyond the FAQs, the support page also includes some popular guides—including “How to Avoid Peer-to-Peer Phone Calls”—and other helpful resources.

How can I check my authorization status?

You have the ability to quickly perform a status check on all of your cases, regardless of platform, without having to login on eviCore.com. Simply visit the link below to access real-time information on your case (https://carriers.carecorenational.com/PreAuthorization/screens/AuthorizationLookup.aspx). The link can also be found in the navigation bar at the top right of the homepage.

What should I do if a member’s eligibility is listed incorrectly or is not on file?

Our team will be able to assist with this. Please return to the Contact Us form and select “I am a provider” and then, “I am unable to select a member during case build” from the drop-down menu options. Fill out the information in the form that appears, and our team will reach out shortly to update the member’s information. You also can contact us at (800) 918-8924 to update member information.

I need to change the date on my request. What is the fastest way to do this?

Please contact us at (800) 918-8924 to change the date of your request. You can also email our team at webcontactrequests@evicore.com, and they will make that update for you. Please provide the date you initially submitted the information, the new date you’d like to use for this request, the full name of the member, the case number, and your contact information in case our team has any questions.


I need to change the CPT code on my request. What is the fastest way to do this?

Please contact us at (800) 918-8924 to change the CPT code on your request. You can also email our team at webcontactrequests@evicore.com.


Please continue to share your feedback, suggestions, and questions about our prior authorization process by contacting us at providernewsletter@evicore.com. Jackie Jenkins, the National Provider Advocate on my team, will reach out to you soon. We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions in future editions. 

Thank you for your continued partnership with eviCore. Together, we can ensure your patients get the right test, treatment, or procedure for their needs. 


Mark Tate

Master of Physical Therapy

Vice President, eviCore Provider Experience