Best of Auth the Cuff Podcast 2020
Dec 22nd 2020

Best of Auth the Cuff Podcast 2020

As this year comes to an end, many of us are reflecting on the many changes that have transpired in 2020. Throughout this year, we have been committed to making changes to how we share important news and information. Much like eviCore’s practice of innovating healthcare, we have aimed to advance the way we share information in a digital world.


We were excited about the launch of our “Auth the Cuff” podcast series at the beginning of the year! This podcast was created with the providers in mind. It speaks to the rapidly evolving healthcare industry, especially the increasing role of prior authorization and how providers can more effectively navigate it.


Please join us in reflecting back on the best moments from “Auth the Cuff” in 2020.



Episodes referred to in the highlight reel can be accessed using the following links:


·      Episode #1: The Elephant in the Room

·      Episode #5: Healthcare... It's Simpler Than We All Think

·      Episode #6: We're Talking High-Tech Prior Auth!

·      Episode #9: From Pilot Test to Life Changing

·      Episode #10: Guidelines and the 80% Rule


We are looking forward to creating new episodes to share in 2021 and continuing to evolve as a healthcare resource for you.