May 11th 2018

Nurses - Our “Most Trusted” Profession

We <3 Our Nurses!

Nurses are often called the "frontlines of medicine" by those in the healthcare system. We completely agree, and would even suggest that they are the heart whose steady beat keeps the whole being of the healthcare world alive. Whether helping to introduce innovative technologies or perfecting already-discovered treatments, nurses the world over give their time, love, and attention to patients. They work long hours and— maybe most important—act as patient advocates in a complicated and often commerce-driven world of healthcare. 

What is a patient advocate?

In an ideal world, we would all be able to maintain our best state of mind when dealing with illness, whether it be mild or critical. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. When we fall ill it is not uncommon that we need some guidance and support to navigate the "what's next" stages of our journey back to health. It can make all the difference to know that there is a dedicated healthcare professional ready and eager to help guide us through our tough choices, decisions, and realities when facing an illness. Often it is the nurses who step in to play the essential role of patient advocate within the healthcare system. They help give voice to our concerns, and in turn explain the nuances of our treatment to us and our families. In important ways they empower us as we set upon our uncertain course back to full health and vigor. 

A trustworthy partner

It's also important to recognize the exceptional level of trust that nurses command in the healthcare world. In fact, the study and practice of ethics is a major part of the profession's education and training. Ellen Olshansky says in her article in Professional Nursing[1]: "The field of bioethics is an important part of our work…Trust is a key component of ethics because ethical behavior in a very simplistic way means doing the 'right thing.' Doing the right thing certainly involves honesty and being able to trust our colleagues and our fellow human beings. (Olshansky, 2011)". We completely agree with Ellen's emphasis on this facet of the nursing profession, because without real trust in one's nurses and doctors, a patient's path to wellness would be considerably more difficult. 

Social Importance

This week in the U.S., we observed nurses nationally and recognized them for their patience, care, and dedication to the healing of patients. We thank them for their contributions to the healthcare system, and for being trustworthy advocates for patient care and physician success. Let's not forget to be grateful for their roles in helping to introduce innovations and new technologies into patient care, including modern medicines, new treatments, apps and mobile technology, and even AI. So, we here at eviCore encourage you—and patients and doctors alike—to thank a nurse this weekend. At some point in our lives, we will all need them, and the world just wouldn't be the same without them.