Jul 24th 2018

Provider Playbook Series: MRI of the Lumbar Spine without Contrast

Like you, eviCore wants to make sure your patients get the right test, treatment, or procedure for their needs–while preventing inappropriate care and its potential dangers and unnecessary costs. That’s why we’re creating our Provider Playbook series of topical one-pagers designed to help you deliver the best care for your patients. This series will focus on some of the most common inappropriately ordered tests and treatments and provide information from current evidence-based medical literature to support the delivery of the right care every time.

Look for our suite of Provider Playbooks coming soon to improve your experience and make your interactions with eviCore easier, faster, and more collaborative. If you have suggestions for topics you'd like to see, we'd love to hear from you at onlineinfo@evicore.com.

Our first topic is MRI of the Lumbar Spine Without Contrast. To download the PDF click here.

Mark Tate
Master of Physical Therapy
Vice President, eviCore Provider Experience