Nov 07th 2022

Reducing Providers’ Administrative Burden with intelliPath®

At eviCore, our job is to make sure patients get care that’s aligned with the latest medical evidence, which paves the way for better outcomes. We do that by reviewing patients’ clinical information submitted by their providers, against the latest evidence-based guidelines. This process has a significant positive impact on the quality of care patients receive, but it can also be time-consuming for providers.

eviCore is working hard to reduce that time commitment through intelliPath, our solution to help automate providers’ interactions with us. We sat down with eviCore’s Vice President of Strategic Development, Jim Knickle, to learn more.

Q: What are the challenges intelliPath is trying to solve?

Let me take a step back and describe one of the biggest challenges in health care today. It’s estimated that medical knowledge doubles every 73 days, which is a staggering pace. As a result, knowledge gaps quickly develop for clinicians because it’s so difficult to stay current on the most up-to-date medical guidelines. 

That’s where eviCore steps in. We ensure providers get the benefit of the most up-to-date guidelines through our utilization management and prior authorization processes.

However, we do need providers to furnish their clinical information about the patient, and this has historically been a highly manual process requiring their administrative time and resources. With intelliPath, we’re reducing that burden by streamlining and automating the sharing of key information.

Q: How does intelliPath work?

We’re using the most advanced technologies available today to automate the manual steps enabling prior authorization, especially for diagnostic imaging for radiology and cardiology services.

First, intelliPath AI® is an artificial intelligence technology that’s embedded into eviCore’s portal, allowing us to provide an immediate decision on many prior authorization requests. With intelliPath AI, about 50% of all advanced imaging requests are immediately approved upon submission.

Next, intelliPath Connected® allows providers to connect their EMR to our portal so that all the information needed for a prior authorization request is automatically collected and sent to eviCore directly, with no manual effort necessary. Previously, providers had to log-on to the eviCore portal, manually enter the required information, and then fill out a patient survey.

In addition, we automatically send the results back to the EMR, so the status of every prior authorization request is up-to-date and available there. And intelliPath continually updates the EMR throughout the day, enabling more efficiency and time savings. 

Q: Can you tell us how much time is saved?

We’ve processed more than 20 million cases through intelliPath AI, and we’re saving about 2 minutes per case. For perspective, consider that a full-time employee typically works about 2,080 hours annually, so this time savings is equal to the work of 320 people for an entire year. 

When you include the time savings secured by intelliPath Connected, we’re reducing the case-creation and submission time by an additional 8 minutes per request, so the time savings add up fast!

Q: Does intelliPath cost anything for providers?

No, eviCore does not charge providers any fees for the use of intelliPath. We’re fully committed to helping reduce the administrative burden and want to avoid any cost barriers to that.

Q: How do I learn more?

For& more information or to schedule a demonstration contact