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Apr 22nd 2024

Savings and Plan Performance: Radiology Site of Care

Did you know that 60% of imaging is performed in higher-cost hospital settings, typically without clinical reason?* Couple that with the fact that more than 80 million CT scans alone are performed each year,** and it’s easy to see the savings opportunity that comes from guiding patients to more affordable, quality sites of care. But the benefits of doing so don’t end there.

Educating and engaging patients about their options can also significantly improve health plan satisfaction. After all, patients want to feel informed and empowered. And they want to save money too.  

The following report explains the challenges with radiology sites of care and outlines the broad impact that Radiology Site of Care management can have on the entire patient health care journey – from savings to health plan satisfaction and, as a result, health plan performance. 

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