Feb 15th 2016

The Benefits of Web Authorization

Did you know that most providers are already saving time submitting prior authorization requests online? We have been listening to you and have incorporated a number of enhancements that will streamline your online experience, allowing you to go from request to approval faster!

Benefits of using the web authorization service:

(1) Save time! Web authorization requests take 1 minute 30 seconds on average. Phone authorization requests take 12 minutes on average.

1.5 Minutes Prior Authorization Online 

(2) 24/7 access! You can access the web authorization service at any time, on any day. Phone authorizations have to be requested during business hours.

(3) Save your progress! Need to step away? Need to obtain additional information? Save your authorization request progress and come back to it.

(4) View and print authorization information! Authorization information and number are at the tips of your fingers, so you can print them at your convenience.

(5) Other online features include the ability to access clinical criteria, look up member eligibility, and upload additional clinical information to an existing case.