Feb 01st 2021

Top 3 Webinars of 2020

We understand that the year of 2020 meant an unprecedented increase in everything virtual, including but not limited to: virtual meetings, virtual family get-togethers, virtual holidays, impromptu screen time of your dog running around in the background–and webinars. So many webinars!


We are pleased to provide you with on-demand access to our top 3 most popular webinars in 2020. We are honored you attended and can’t wait to have you back for more in 2021.


Clinical Guidelines in Action: A Provider Roundtable


Today, nearly all medical practices are relying on evidence-based medicine to deliver safe and appropriate care, so our maintenance of authoritative, up-to-date clinical guidelines is fundamental to our mission at eviCore. But how do we actually apply these guidelines to help manage patient care? Join eviCore’s clinical experts in a panel discussion facilitated by our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Eric Gratias, to learn how we apply these best-in-class guidelines to impact the lives and clinical outcomes of patients in the real world.


Prior Authorization Needs to Evolve


As a prior authorization company, we continuously hear feedback from our providers on how cumbersome and confusing the prior authorization process can be. While we are continuously working toward better processes, our healthcare system is at a critical juncture and the time for implementing the steps for change is now. We recognize that if prior authorization companies don’t lead the change, it will never happen.


Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: From Novelty to Necessity


The healthcare industry once viewed artificial intelligence as an application of the future. Yet, as a prior authorization company, we are leveraging this enabling technology today. In this webinar, you will learn how concrete, real-world advances in technologies such as connectivity and artificial intelligence are streamlining and facilitating the sometimes burdensome prior authorization processes providers must cope with.

Listen On-Demand as we talk to eviCore experts Dr. Sid Govindan and Danny Ortiz to learn more about how artificial intelligence plays a meaningful role in prior authorization.