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Feb 16th 2022

Radiation Oncology 101

In an increasingly sophisticated healthcare ecosystem, the field of Radiation Oncology is among the most complex. Most of us know that radiation therapy, used alone or with other treatments, is a common treatment for cancer. Knowing how it works and what to expect can help patients and caregivers better prepare for treatment and make more informed decisions about care .

Join Margaret Rausa, eviCore’s Vice President, Oncology Strategy and Growth, and Dr. Rajanish Singla, eviCore’s Chief of Radiation Oncology, who will provide an overview of Radiation Oncology for health plan representatives. Their discussion will include:

  • The major categories of Radiation Oncology treatment
  • How and when these techniques are generally used
  • A brief history of the field of Radiation Oncology — and what the future is likely to bring.