May 18th 2021

Retain and Grow Your Self-Funded Business with Effective Utilization Management

A recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that the number of individuals covered by a self-funded health plan increased 10% over the past year. Yet, numerous misconceptions about utilization management (UM) and medical benefits management (MBM) solutions continue to thrive among self-insured employers. Faced with growing populations, it is more important than ever that self-insured employers adopt these solutions to ensure both the quality and the cost of care for those covered by their health plan. 

Watch on-demand for a discussion with David Baird, Richard Emery, and Dr. Norm Scarborough, facilitated by Dr. Eric Gratias. You will learn about (1) common myths and misconceptions attached to MBM/UM, (2) the importance of MBM/UM in ensuring high-quality and safe patient care, and (3) the individual journeys of patients who have been positively impacted by the application of MBM/UM as a part of their self-insured health plan.