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Self-Insured Employers

EviCore’s self-insured strategy is built on a foundation of more than 25 years’ experience in medical benefits management across nine clinical domains. Today employees demand competitive benefits, low costs, excellent service, and access to high-quality care. Our self-insured strategy meets these needs and ensures employees receive the right care in the right place at the right time, all within a seamless care experience.

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When partnering with EviCore, health plans and self-insured employers and their employees receive all essential benefits. In addition, health plans are able to provide a value-added service to self-insured employers. Employees receive appropriate tests and treatments, and duplicative tests and downstream procedures are minimized. Self-Insured employers are empowered to deliver real medical cost savings.

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Enabling Better Healthcare

EviCore strives to enable better healthcare quality, cost, and outcomes for everyone. Our prior authorization process, guided by evidence-based guidelines, ensures that patients receive quality care that they need. Applying our advanced consumer-engagement programs, we educate patients about their most cost-effective and geographically convenient treatment options. Building on 25 years of experience, our solutions help prevent unnecessary care and related downstream procedures.


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