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FamilyPathSM is a comprehensive fertility benefit solution that combines integrated medical benefit management, a network of high-quality physicians and labs, and a high-touch, proactive member-engagement model to provide holistic fertility care coordination across the healthcare continuum. With an increasing number of organizations adding fertility benefits, it is important to have a solution designed to nurture the future of growing families while avoiding unnecessary cost and stress.
Medical Management FamilyPath Medical Services Management

Medical Management

Develops and manages treatment guidelines to ensure effective care with an increased opportunity of success per cycle.

Pharmacy Management FamilyPath Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy Management

Ensures your members receive the medications they need―when and where they need them―including same-day, emergency courier delivery.

Vetted Provider & Lab Networks FamilyPath Vetted Provider and Lab Networks

Vetted Provider & Lab Networks

Provides top-of-the-line evaluation and vetting of provider and lab networks to facilitate identifying the right sources of care for your members.

Fertility Advisor FamilyPath Fertility Advisor

Fertility Advisor

Manages patient engagement by assigning a dedicated Fertility Advisor who evaluates your patient's care needs and guides them toward the appropriate next steps.

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