Jan 14th 2020

Top 10 Posts of 2019

Happy New Year! As we move into this new decade, we wanted to take a moment to review some of the knowledge that we shared over the past year. We provided checklists on how to speed up the prior authorization process, launched our popular “Ask eviCore” series, and sought ways to help our readers navigate the complexity of today’s healthcare processes.

In case you missed any of these helpful resources, following are our top 10 most popular posts from 2019.

  1. A Checklist On How To Speed-Up Prior Authorization
    One of the most common reasons a prior authorization request is delayed or not approved is that it’s missing critical details. Our checklist is designed to help you avoid delays and save you time by ensuring you have the information you need to submit a prior authorization request.

  2. Ask eviCore: Web Authorizations
    Last month, we launched the new  website with the goal of making our interactions with providers faster, easier, and more collaborative. With the new website launch, we received a few questions about submitting cases using our online provider portal.

  3. Ask eviCore: Clinical Guidelines
    This Ask eviCore feature explains how our clinical guidelines are developed and how to navigate them. Together, we can ensure your patients get the test, treatment, or procedure that will best serve their needs.

  4. Ask eviCore: Denied Requests
    This Ask eviCore feature focused on adverse determinations and navigating the path forward with your patient after a request has been denied. We receive a lot of questions about this topic, so we answered some of the most frequently asked questions

  5. Heartburn? Reflux? Or Something Else? Understanding the Burning Pain in Your Esophagus
    We’ve all been there—a delicious plate of barbecue and shared laughs with friends, and an hour later you’ve got that tell-tale burn in your throat and are searching for the antacids. What we may not realize, though, is that sometimes the problem is more than that extra sauce on the barbecue dish.

  6. What is Prior Authorization?
    The prior authorization process uses evidence-based clinical guidelines to ensure that every health plan member receives the most appropriate care while avoiding unnecessary exposure to potentially harmful substances, as well as additional costs.

  7. Ask eviCore: What is Prior Authorization?
    eviCore healthcare (eviCore) has partnered with your health plan to provide a variety of solutions to ensure that members get the right care when and where it’s needed. For your convenience we collected some of the most common questions we received from members, and we wanted to share some answers and information that might help put those subjects to rest.

  8. Ask eviCore: Roles and Responsibilities of eviCore & Health Plans
    This edition of Ask eviCore focused on a topic that many of you asked about—the respective roles and responsibilities of eviCore and the health plans.   

  9. Denial Letter, Now What?
    Receiving a denial letter can be frustrating, confusing, and even frightening—especially when that letter refers to a health-related request submitted by your doctor on your behalf. There is a silver lining to this seemingly negative experience: it typically offers a better, safer, or more cost-effective solution for you.

  10. Physician Roundtable Series: The Denial Myth
    There is still a myth out there that our physicians are compensated for denying cases. Watch the next video in our physician roundtable series to hear more on how it’s not about approvals or denials, but rather providing a patient with the best care.